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Customers who have been in business for years have used nothing BUT the HART FORM!

The HART FORM performs the function of five or more forms in one easy to use self-carbon unit. The second sheet is index stock, durable for filing.

It repeats all the job information on the first sheet, which can be as detailed as you care to make it.....design, thread colors, stitch count, etc. On the back there is adequate space for vendor information - quantity, size, catalogue #, description, vendor name, contact person, phone #, account #, unit price, cost, freight, carrier, shipping info, FOB, terms, date ordered, by whom and date received.

There is a total for cost of merchandise and freight. A formula at the bottom is a simple way to calculate profit on the job, so you don't make the same mistake twice! The stubs at the bottom are used for tax filing. One is for state use tax to file with your work sheet. The resulting "hardcopy" is shorter than a file folder and so fits neatly into your filing system

And you can:
Give your customer a call tag. Generate a receipt for your customer.
Make a record of all vendors used and delivery arrangements.
Create fingertip filing customer cards with details of each order.
Have separate sales and income tax tickets for each project.
Provide a worksheet for the designs and materials used.
Calculate PROFIT with each job INSTANTLY.
Do the work of FIVE or more forms on one Hart Form.    

The HART FORM is the EFFICIENT business form for the embroiderer.

It has been tested and improved by embroiderers.
Add the cost of the Hart Form to each invoice...they pay for themselves at just $.40 an order.
Our customers tell us they don't know how they did without it!

Sally Pecher of JBD Embroidery, Grover, Missouri says:
Your form has eased my mind so I am able to concentrate on production. You have really done your homework. Hart Forms are worth their weight in Gold.

Don Johnsen of MAX Recognition Corp. in Warner, NH writes:
Our experiences have proven (HART FORMS) extremely beneficial. Translating directly into dollars the time saved, we've found the forms to have actually made us some money. Previously we had five different forms as are served by your composite form.

Quantity Price includes shipping and handling.

100    $52.00 
200    $84.00 
500     $195.00

We hope that by using HART FORMS you will enjoy more profit, less anxiety, greater organization, a cleaner desk, and will help save trees by cutting down on paper work!

Return Policy: No return on forms.

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