Working Healthy

Vitamin B6—50-100mg day. Vitamin B6 is good for brain functions, the immune system, the increase of energy (we need that!), reduction of allergies, relief of arthritis, prevention of kidney stones and morning sickness control.

Vitamin B6 is found in eggs, potatos, salmon, soybeans, sunflower seeds, tuna, walnuts and lentils. Cortisonne prevents Vitamin B from being absorbed by the body. Drugs used to fight depression and oral controcetives can increase a person's need for this vitamin.

Vitamin B12 - 200-400 mg per day. Vitamine B12 good for memory (so you won't forget due dates), digestion (so you won't get sick when you have a deadline), prevents nerve damage (in case your customers are getting on your last nerve), as well as helping with anemia and to help absorb nutrients (so you can work long hours!)

Vitamin B12 is found in Brewer's yeast, eggs, mackeral, red meat, and soy and dairy products.

Vitamin C—1,000 - 3,000 mg a day. Vitamin C repairs tissue and encourages tissue growth. It fosters healthy gums (you can smile more) supresses asthma, prevents cancer, protects against minor infection, builds the immune system (so you can work those long hours), reduces chlesterol, heals wounds and burns (watch those needles!), and helps keep the common cold at bay.

Vitamin C is found in berries, black currants, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, brocoli, leafy greens, guava, mangos, strawberries, tomatos, and avacados.Space out your B12 during the day and avoid the Vitamin C tablets, as they can harm your teeth.

Calcium—1,500-2,000 daily. Calcium helps form bones, teeth and gums and maintains them (more smiling), prevents cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, relieves muscle and menstrual cramps, and lowers cholesterol.

Calcium is found in asparagus, almonds, caviar, brocoli, figs, leafy greens, dairy products, prunes, tofu, soybeans, and seafood. Don't rely on antacids to get your dosage of calcium as they will retard the absorbtion of the calcium.

Vitamin D—400 IU a day. Vitamin D helps with thyroid function, immunity (so you won't get sick when that big order is due), helps create strong bones and teeth (even more smiling), prevents and treats color and breast cancer, encourages a regualar heartbeat  (so they won't know you're nervous on that cold call), and encourages normal bloodclotting.

Vitamin D is found in cod-liver oil, butter, the yolks of eggs, herring, mackarel, halibut, salmon, milk, sardines, tuna and sunlight (so get out of the shop every day!)

Vitamin E—400-600 IU a day. Vitamin E is considered the sweetheart in the world of vitamins as it is more widely accepted by health care givers probably because of the vast amount of research that stands behind it. It protects against over 70 different diseases: It eases PMS; helps fight fibrocystic dease; promotes healthy skin and hair; helps with tissue repair; slows Alzheimer's disease; prevents heart attacks; slows the effects of aging; prevents anemia; prevents cancer; reduces scarring; and improves circulation and respitory systems.

Vitamin E is found in brown rice, eggs, leafy greens, nuts, oatmeal, legumes, soybeans, sweet potatoes, whole grains, kelp and seeds. It is also gound in vegetable oils that are cold pressed.